Palestine is a feminist issue: A talk with Amal Eqeiq

Quand :
8 mars 2020 @ 17 h 30 – 19 h 30
Où :
Bruxelles - Lagrange Points Brussels
Rue des Tanneurs 114
1000 Bruxelles
Contact :
Café Palestine / Lagrange Points Brussels
Palestine is a feminist issue: A talk with Amal Eqeiq @ Bruxelles - Lagrange Points Brussels

Living under a 53-year-long Israeli military occupation, Palestinian women face more challenges than most – from daily restrictions imposed upon their movement, house demolitions, arrests and systematic violence. Yet, in the face of adversity, their story is one of resilience, sumud and strength, reinforcing the central importance of women to Palestinian society.

To mark International Women’s Day, Café Palestine will take place on Sunday 8 March (instead of Thursday) from 17h30 to 19h30 where we will welcome Amal Eqeiq, a Palestinian researcher, activist and Assistant Professor in Arab Studies and Comparative Literature at Williams College.

Amal will share with us her thoughts and analysis on intersectional feminism, feminism in Palestine and the global south, and her recent work with the Talaa’t movement – an independent, women-led movement that recently spread across Palestine and the diaspora against gender-based violence and discrimination against women in all aspects of society. Her presentation will be followed by an open Q&A and discussion.

Café Palestine is also starting a new partnership with Lagrange Points Brussels, which will be the new location of our events! Lagrange Points is a Brussels-based international bookstore café with an Arabic identity: it is a place for literature, music, art, film, events & public conversations.

All our events will take place from now on Rue Des Tanneurs 114, 1000 Brussels.

Join us after the women’s rights protest and march in Brussels at Lagrange Points Brussels at 17h30.

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