Café Palestine : Wujood: A Grassroots Guide to Jerusalem

Quand :
17 septembre 2019 @ 19 h 30 – 21 h 00
Où :
Bruxelles - BOOM - café associatif
rue Plétinckx
1000 Bruxelles
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Café Palestine : Wujood: A Grassroots Guide to Jerusalem @ Bruxelles - BOOM - café associatif

Millions of tourists visit Jerusalem every year. Only a small percentage of them experience the Eastern part of occupied Jerusalem, due to the Israeli policies in tourism. This talk will introduce and launch Wujood, a new alternative travel guide to Jerusalem which reveals a part of the city that is usually hidden from the experience of tourists.

In this edition of Café Palestine, we welcome Amany Khalifa and Fayrouz Sharqawi from Grassroots Al-Quds, a platform for Palestinian community-based mobilization, leadership and advocacy in Occupied Jerusalem. They believe that the challenges and responses of Palestinian communities must be articulated and led by them. They map and network in order for the Palestinian communities in Jerusalem to sustainably resist the Israeli policies of displacement, dispossession and dis-empowerment, by creating their own long term strategy, based on their defined priorities and needs.

Wujood, the new travel guide by Grassroots Jerusalem reveals the Jerusalem which most tourists do not know about. On the first hand, Wujood tells visitors where they can go and what they can see in the eastern part of Jerusalem, providing them with practical information about places to stay, eat, and shop in the city. On the other hand, it provides the political and historical context in Jerusalem and tells its story from a Palestinian perspective. Wujood also tells you where you should go around Palestine from Akka (Acre) in the North to Al-Naqab (Negev) Desert in the South, and from Jericho in the East to Jaffa in the West. It tells the story of the Palestinian history and culture in these cities, and how the Palestinian economy there can be supported.

If you ever wanted to travel responsibly in the area, if you’re interested in the real lives of Palestinians in Jerusalem, or if you’re interested in how tourism in the Occupied Palestinian territories can be a force for good, join us to this fascinating talk and book launch!

The event will be in English.

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