Café Palestine

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6 juin 2019 @ 19 h 00 – 21 h 00
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Bruxelles - Le Space
Rue de la Clé 26. 1000 Bruxelles
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Café Palestine
Café Palestine @ Bruxelles - Le Space

The Palestinian community in Chile is the largest outside of the Middle East, a presence dating back to the twilight of the 19th Century. Since then, self-identified Chilean-Palestinians have retained close social, cultural and political ties with the country of their ancestors, remaining particularly engaged with the Palestinian cause and voicing their opposition to ongoing human rights abuses in the Palestinian Territories.

In this edition of Café Palestine, we welcome Victor Beaume, a researcher and a recent graduate from the University of Oxford, who investigated the socio-political complexities of the community through fieldwork and numerous interviews with Chilean-Palestinian politicians, organisations and activists. Particularly, his research focused on the political negotiations surrounding a 2008 resettlement project which allowed 117 Palestinian refugees from Iraq to settle in Chile.

Victor will present a historical overview of the community with some reflections about their political involvement, and how it relates to the global movement demanding justice for Palestinians.

The event will be in English | Free entrance.

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